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Unlock Hidden Potential in Your Investments

Experience an innovative fintech solution that brings additional returns to your existing investments.  No secrets. No complexity. Just results..!

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Are You an Investor Seeking Enhanced Returns?

Introducing Stockmints, an AI powered platform designed to squeeze more returns from your existing investments like mutual funds, government bonds, and stocks. With our proprietary technology, we extracted more than an additional 20% from our investments in a single year. Our success streak has set the stage. Join the smart people already riding the AI driven financial revolution. You don’t have to invest more - unlock what you already have.

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Growth of Investment of ₹ 1,00,000 Without
Stockmints Vs With Stockmints
#Discover the Process

How It Works

From conceptualization to execution, witness the seamless process that transforms ideas into impactful results.

Simple Client Component

It all begins with our open-source client. Your laptop, desktop, or cloud - you choose. Peek into the code - see what’s happening - even improve it for yourself. When we say open - we mean it!

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Connect to Data API

Our subscription-based Data API that is used by the open source client to trade daily with minimal risk.

Watch Your Returns Grow

Harness the untapped potential in your portfolio with minimal effort. Not by magic but by math!

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Innovative Approach

Unmatched in the industry; explore an entirely new world of investment possibilities.

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3rd Party Verified Results

Publicly verifiable trading results; complete transparency.

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Risk-Managed Strategy

Deals with strategies that ensure low risk.

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Subscription Model

Pay only for when you are using our monthly Data API subscription.

Verified Track Record

We let our success speak for itself. Follow us on Twitter or Youtube to verify our trading results. You don't have to believe us, believe what you see. Actually, don’t believe what you see either - believe what other trusted 3rd party verified proofs tell you!

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Ready To Unlock The Future Of Investment?

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Affordable Plans, Unbeatable Value

Choose a plan that works for you. Risk-free, with our 30-Day Free Trial!

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Basic Plan

₹ 2999

03 Months Plan

Unleash the power of StockMints with our basic plan! Just ₹2999 for 3 months of invaluable insights and strategies. Join today!
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Best Valued

₹ 6999

12 Months Plan

Upgrade to our Best Valued Plan and save big! Get 12 months of premium access for just ₹6999. Maximize your gains now!
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₹ 4999

06 Months Plan

Experience excellence with our 6-month plan at just ₹4999. Uncover exclusive features and insights for a powerful investment journey.
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Stockmints sounds great, but what exactly is it?
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Think of Stockmints as a friendly guide for your investments. It's a two-part solution that works with your existing investments and adds a special touch to boost returns. And the best part? No technical expertise needed - no coding or stock market knowledge required.

How do I start this exciting journey with Stockmints?
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It's as easy as signing up for a trial, installing a simple client component on your computer, and connecting to our Data API. We've designed it to be user-friendly. It's like having a financial wizard at your fingertips.

Safety is my priority. Can I trust Stockmints with my investments?
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We understand your concern. That's why we've built a system that's not only innovative but also conscientious about risk. Our strategies focus on minimizing risk, but it's essential to remember that all investments have inherent risks. Past performance doesn't predict future results, but our transparent track record might ease your mind.

Transparency and trust are big for me. Why should I choose Stockmints?
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We're an open book. We believe in an open relationship with our clients. Our trading results are publicly verifiable, and our one-year success story is there for all to see. Follow us on Twitter and YouTube, or verify our results yourself.

What if I need help or face issues?
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We're here for you. Our support team is always ready to assist, just reach out us at Your success is our success, and we're in this journey together.

Legal Disclaimers

We believe in transparency and integrity, but we also need to spell out a few things

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You, the user, control the trades placed by our open-source client. It's your investment, and you're in the driver's seat.
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Risk and Losses

The investment world can be unpredictable. Losses can happen, and we can't control all the factors, such as network connectivity or brokerage issues. We wish we could, but we can't compensate for losses.
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No Guaranteed Returns

Past successes are part of our story, but they're not a crystal ball. We don't sell promises; we provide tools. We can't guarantee returns because investing is inherently uncertain.
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Our Product

We sell statistical results to guide you, not specific buy or sell calls. We're here to assist your investment journey, not dictate it.

Affordable Plans, Unbeatable Value

Choose a plan that works for you. Risk-free, with our 30-Day Free Trial!


₹ 2999

03-Month Plan

"Begin with StockMints' Basic Plan at just ₹2999. Enjoy three months of access to a full range of features and resources."
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Best Valued

₹ 8999

12-Month Plan

"Annual Plan: ₹8999. Enjoy 12 months of StockMints premium access and save 24% for a comprehensive investment journey."
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₹ 4999

06-Month Plan

"Standard Plan 6 months access, save 16%. Elevate your StockMints experience with extended benefits and valuable insights."
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